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Since so many of you are clearly very stupid I'll dumb this down completely. Only ever bother me for two things.

One is to tribute gifts to me from this list:

If you're going to whine and btch about me even having a list then clearly you're not the grovelling dogs this is directed at, stop moaning and just move on.

The second is to buy toys, adult toys.


Before you ask stupid questions they're all brand new and shipped from America. They'll ship worldwide unless your country or region has a particular ban on adult items. If you don't want to get yourself a toy then don't moan to me, you wouldn't whine at a shopkeeper for stocking items so don't be such a tw@t here.

If you're bothering me because your wang got hard or because you think I'll ever care about your feelings, do us both a favour and stop wasting my time.

If this "offends" you in any way, then grow up and move on, I ain't here to baby you or pretend the world revolves around what you think women should act like. Get over it and stop being such an annoying child.


Taking your money and pitiful attempts at gifts.
Selling toys to the deserving.

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