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"Just bit the bullet and went through my 63 friend requests. If I didn't recognize you immediately you got denied. 1 person made it through, welcome to this very strange club mileyyo."
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Location: California
Joined: March 4th, 2012
Last Login: August 3rd, 2013
WendyC's Profile URL: http://www.meetzur.com/WendyC

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This is how I imagine twicker to be when people ignore him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b6lWQ9ieGg

Really? It chops off my head and shows my boobage? Sigh, don't feel like editing the damned pic now. Guess the pervs have something to be excited about until tomorrow.

So I was bored, and posted something to that effect here. Said "say fruit loops so I know you read this". Over the next hour I got the usual amount of dum***s with the "hiiiii!!!! wanna ***", and never a mention of fruit loops. Not that I was gonna *** anyone, just checking who reads this.


If you don't have a pic don't bother trying to friend me.

If you don't speak good english don't bother trying to friend me.

If you're rude, DBT2FM.

If you want to see my ***, DBT2FM.

If you pass the criteria so far, BT2FM but don't expect me to friend you back. You'll have to be somewhat interesting for that.

Sorry for the negativity, I'm usually a positive, smiling, uplifting soul. But you wouldn't believe the crap I get :( Luv 2 chat, pretty open minded about what I chat about. My chat criteria goes triple for my friend criteria. If you're a horny dude in India, go away. If you're 70 that's cool, not like we're ever gonna meet in person. No you can't buy me stuff; I have enough money to buy what I really want (unless you can buy me a beachfront house, then call. Please. Pretty pretty please. Did I mention I'm open minded?). If ur chat request is "wanna ***" then don't even bother. If ur chat request if "hiiiiii", then don't even bother.

Jeez, so negative again. Wish I could make this full screen, not just 5 lines.

If you just wanna be friends, can speak english decently, are polite, like horror and sci fi movies, like raunchy humor, or just wanna talk about flowers and kitties, it's cool.

(msg I just received a bit later) "I missin u ****** bad." Really? Seriously? I mean, WTF people.

(from another msg I just got) hello beautiful woman! I am Turkisch male, I am looking for a castration



Modern Warfare. I've prolly fragged your ass!


Super 8
The Thing


2.5 men


pretty much anything

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