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"Tell me you're sorry one more ***ing time."
Gender: Female
Location: in your ice cube tray, motha***a
Joined: July 25th, 2011
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i neeeeeeeed to stop eating. ugh.

soooo i'm kyra isabella mawpz. i'm really ***ing sensitive, and haters get to me. i don't smile much, and when i do it's probably fake. i love talking to people, but i hate when they ask for my phone number 5 seconds into the conversation. i'm bi***ual, which means i like girls and guys. get over it. i'm taken. malacai is awesome, woot.

a lot of people hate me, i wouldn't be surprised if you did too. i guess i'm easy to judge. i'm a teen mom, and i have a baby girl named brookelle raven. she's 2 months old, and completely flawless. she is my life. i wear tons of makeup, idc. i wear extensions and fake eyelashes, and i wear white lipstick cos almost no one does. ;D i take mirror shots, haha. i have a tattoo on my belly that says 'respect'. i have snakebites and my nose pierced. i'm a makeup ***, hate me.

i like taking pictures. i take lots, especially of my baby girl. time goes by too fast, and i want every second recorded. i take pictures of myself sometimes too, but i don't really like to.

***es kept ***in' about how i wear too much makeup or ***, so i took a picture with no makeup. it's not going up on here, but if you *** to me about how i'm too ugly and i cover up my flaws, gimme your email. < 3

i have facebook, but i don't trust it. i have no pics on there, so don't add me if that's a problem.

i'm a girl who does extreme dieting. it's become a habit. i don't eat, and when i do i hate myself, haha. judge me all you want, it's fine. i kind of expect people to. i used to work out but i don't have the time anymore so i've resorted to starving.

i don't understand music. i don't get it. i don't know how i'm supposed to feel when i hear it. i know i sound like a freak, idgaf.

i hateeeeeee when people bully me.

but i'm used to it.

my stepdad is asian, and my stepsiblings are half. :D adorables.


big bang theory. < 3


i love books. < 3 too many to list.

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